Best Wireless Dog Fence Review 2020

Dogs are more human than us. Having a dog as a pet is always like having a big brother at home for your children. Until a dog is at home, we think of that maintaining them is easy. But once they enter the reality hits. And when the care increase in time-space, there will a lot of things that we would be conscious about for them. Above all, the first thing is their safety. For that their cage and fencing stands on top. The wireless dog fence could help us in that manner.

Here, in this article, we are here to look on the Best wireless dog fences in a very brief way with all the information that could be collected. We all provide some training tips that could help you in making an informed decision to your favourite companion.


Here are our selected top 10 best wireless dog collar fence reviews for 2020. Hope you guys liked it. Please share it with your friends and family as dogs are really important for us to live and we should not lose them in the world full of technology. My dog was hanging out with his friends and then he disappears from my yard and we had to digged him throughout the city. Fortunately, after 3 days we found him and I was crying like hell. At that day i decided to create awareness about electric dog collar and its benefits.

PetSafe Stay & Play Dog and Cat Wireless Fence

The wide appeal, makes the PetSafe model stand top on the list. You can create a dog park of your own in the yard with PetSafe Stay + Play. As it also comes from the same company, it also has the same feature of the PetSafe model, inclusive of the parts also.

It covers an area of 3/4 an acre up to 210 feet in diameter in a circular boundary keeping them safe in their play are. But from the rest, the portability features makes it stand unique and top the list. It is also compact and easy to carry and much easy to set up at any place you go. It has a rechargeable system that can be set up with in 1-2 hours. The transmitter gives constants radio signals in the Pet Area.


  • Indicators, guideline and markers are better.
  • Portability
  • Transmitter is small and easy to carry.
  • Lighter collar for small dog and cats also
  • Transmitter cover 44 to 210 foot diameter and 22 to 105 foot radius, having a wider range


  • Interference and circular shapes are the only issues here


  • Training and operating guide
  • 2 long contact points
  • Contact point wrench
  • Power adapting wireless transmitter
  • 50 marker flags
  • Test light
  • Collar with receiver option and rechargeable battery
  • Fits any neck size between 6-23 inches
  • Waterproof receiver collar.
  • Correction stops afters 15seconds.
  • Dog weighing above 5 pounds

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Extreme Dog Fence Second Generation

Extreme dog Fence stand best from the rest. It uses 20gauge high tensile boundary wire with heavy insulation protecting from all weather conditions. To create the boundary length of 500 feet wire is more enough. You can set up the boundary zone up to 32 feet diameter.

That covers up to half an acre. The transmitter collar come with this kit. The collar is small and lighter than the rest that fits to even small dogs weighing 8pounds. sAt 1.1 oz weight the dog will feel comfortable to wear all day. This can also fence large area with a lake, as the collar is waterproof and submersible.


  • Totally Water Proof including Collars
  • Lots of stuffs comes with kit
  • Very Old and reputed brand
  • High level of Guarantee
  • Manufactured in USA
  • Extremely Light weight
  • Collar with receiver option and rechargeable battery
  • Fits any neck size between 6-23 inches
  • Upto 5000′ Standard Grade Fances with 5 dog system


  • Collar Size is limited (Not Comfortable to adjust)
  • won’t be suitable for cats


  • 1 year warranty on electronics which is extandable
  • 2 year warranty on wires
  • US made – with 24 hour assistance
  • Package comes with training flags
  • Inclusive of wire splicing kit
  • 8 levels of correction in the collar with tone
  • Standardized fencing kit inclusive of the tools for fitting
  • Waterproof and submersible up to 10’ deep

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Sit Boo-Boo Electric Dog Fence Advanced

Choosing this is out of your own risk, but the only reason to list it here is that its sales pitch tells about its dual use, like it can be used in ground and above ground system.

This gives the feel that the device is best at adopting giving low range boundary without any hard labour. But it works good on ground. Has effective system. This has been ranked with good reviews on Amazon. It doesn’t suffer the pet much and easy to train.


  • Effective system
  • Transmitter connects with the collar
  • Effective static correction
  • Quick change in the behavior of the dog is obvious


  • This is designed in a manner for ground use rather being wireless.
  • The fencing quality is very thick


  • copper wire with 955feet
  • Collar with recharging option
  • 5 different correction levels
  • Helpful quick start guide.
  • works well in snow
  • unlimited number of collars can attached
  • custom correction level

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SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence Systems

SportDog Invible dog fence is a Hybrid system topped best. It blends with the wire and the wireless receiver collar building high expandability and high customized containment system. The trade of flexibility, where you need to bury the wire in customized shape up to 100 acres in area. It has a build in lighten protection, wire break alarm and anti-linger features.

You can also pick the corresponding training remote with this system which enables to vary the vibration, tone and shocks. In the intensity of one to seven , it can be controlled by remote on both shock and vibration modes.


  • Quick Charge Capacity
  • 25 ft. waterproof resistancy in collars
  • Dog with 10 lb. + can wear this
  • very light weight
  • Beep and Vibration Warning before release shock


  • Timely Instalaltion
  • can’t be used to train dogs


  • coverage up to 1.33 acres, expanding to 100 acres.
  • Four level correction, with vibration in training levels.
  • Designed for multiple dogs (10+ pounds) with additional collars

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JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence

justpet wireless dog fence is like for small and mid-area homes. its completely wireless (100% wireless). easy to setup and ready to use. this is like good advantages for appartment residents or small house residents.

justpet is also not applicable to indoor use since there’s too many interference factors in indoor. the control distance of this fence is from 10 to 900 feet in radius, it can be set to a much smaller area.


  • totally wireless (no need to bury any wires
  • high life-span of charged collars
  • 10-900 Levels for signal intensity
  • easy to configure


  • not suitable for large yards
  • not much flags included with package


  • 100% wireless setup
  • Portable
  • Easy on Maintain
  • Long Battery Span

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short words: set a boundary for your dogs and stop them from going out in the wild.

Choosing The Best wireless Dog Fence

As per the above analysis of the models, it has very obvious that, there are pros and cons in each of them. When you take a friendly pet model for its shapes then you have to sacrifice reliability and convenience. But always its better to opt on the performance than for the look and concentrating on a simple installation process with comfort and adjustable collar will be better. There are interference issues but don’t give up top models for that issue.

Things to consider while using a Wireless Dog Fence

It is very important that, for proper functioning of the system, training for both the dog and the parents. Despite the training procedure to be lengthy and time consuming, we have few list of important aspects making the process easy and beneficial for the transition to happen smoothly.

Leaving the dog with transmitter collar in the back yard just like that will not work as this is not a physical barrier rather an invisible one. The dog may initially be scared, panicked and even confused and few would even try escaping from the static where you have to keep on correcting it. And few more will stop itself from moving in fear. So to make them feel comfortable until they are getting used to the model, its advisable to be with them to get adapted easily and soon. This will also ease the training process to reach back safe zone.

Its very necessary to train your dog with the wireless fencing system for it to learn proper boundary behaviors, for them to know about it. You have to take them for a walk round the yard and show them how the signal works when they cross the boundary and about the static remainder. Pull them back then, and issue their simple “sit” “stand” commands and more importantly appreciate and pamper them for their work.

Its recommended to wear the transmitter collar for a weeks span, before activating the wireless fence, for them to give the allowance time to adopt for its stay in their necks. And this helps the dog to get associate to the static correction with the boundaries of the yard also.

Its always good to use the correction collar for a limited span of time and avoid using them more than 12 consecutive hours as the static prongs inside will cause skin irritation. Limited usage is always preferable for the dog and you.

In any Dog Wireless fencing system, its important to pick a spot for your dog to safely escape from the yard. This “Invisible Gate” will be your dog’s way out of the yard when you are in charge. Follow the steps to set the “invisible gate” for your Dog.

  1. Fix the spot for the Invisible Gate
  2. Deactivate the Wireless system
  3. Use the commands like “sit” “stand” before the invisible gate.
  4. And try crossing the exit point with the “Come” command.
  5. And beware of using the same spot at every exit time of the perimeter.

In the mean time of practise, the negatives will vanish and you could experience the best features of Dog Wireless Fencing, like

  1. Less expensive than physical fences
  2. Easy portable, that can be even taken when going for camps and holidays too.
  3. Can be fixed any number of time at every new place you go.
  4. Reduces worries, the fence protects the dog from jumping over and digging also.
  5. Hassle free, no more worries about tangled wires, cables, etc.

The Best Invisible Dog Fence Uses

While choosing a Wireless Fence, there are lot of aspects to be considered. And the training process is likely to have same importance as its feature. Its always better to have the dogs in our control and maintain them under the static control and not letting them free to roam. The best wireless fencing will have easy set up process covering wide range of area with reliable response. The collars are also made in a way fitting many dogs. These pros will surely throw the negative out as they provide satisfying results. Proper selection of model depending on the size of the yard, considering its features and training will give a good opinion on the wireless fence. Its all in how we choose the right one. When you choose the right system for your dog, then you don’t have to worry about it. It will be safe in the defined radius of the yard.


it uses a collar that you have to mount into your dog’s neck and make sure your dog is standing while you mount the collar.
The collar is also known as a wireless receiver which uses wireless signals so if your dog gets out of the fence it will alert you and it will make an alarm sound. but don’t worry it won’t hurt your dog. because of it is harmless and it is just telling you that your dog is near the boundary


because dogs are not just animals. they’re also family. so we’ve to care for them and it is our responsibility. so if you don’t want to lose your dog then you’ve to take some precautions. and the first thing to use is to use a wireless dog fence.

to set it up you need to install the power cable to electricity board and then you’re pretty much done.
then you’ve to set up the receiver on your dog’s neck. make sure it is not too tight.

  Note: avoid leaving collar on your dog for more than 8 hours.  


you might be wondering what are the uses of having a wireless dog fence? so let me clear your doubts. it’s not just a simple fence. and you don’t always get the time to look on your dog or stay behind your dog.
your dog might get out of control or suppose while playing they can go out of your appartment, house or yard. there comes the wireless fence. which is going to alert you about your dog’s location. because it has a GPS tracker in it which you’ve just installed in your dog’s collar.

The boundary is invisible to your dog. so there’s no fear of losing your dog. it is to make sure the dog has free range and freedom to wander is widely used to train your dog. the wireless dog fence comes with few things which I’m going to mention in the list below.

Power unit – to be plugged into the house.
Flags – for training purposes and to use as a boundary.
Collar / Receiver – has an alert sound so your dog doesn’t go out of the fence. or learns from the sound and guess that they’re going out of the boundary.

once the dog learns it’s easy for the dog to understand that where’s the boundary. beware that the only thing that interrupts with the power unit is more metal & electronic stuff like a microwave. so make sure it has the necessary room to breath and set it where there’s no or minimal interruption.


first, use the collar and make sure the red light blinks which indicated the end of the range. then set the flags according to your need or liking.
after establishing the perimeter install the collar into your dog’s neck. now you’re ready to train your dog.

Then take your dog on a walk and then train them real hard. Because they have a short term memory. So you’ve to train them first.
Most of the time this fences are used for training dogs to guard over them.

First time when you install the fence it takes time for your dog to learn. So don’t get hard on your dog. And then train them hard.
And make sure to set the shock at minimal so they don’t feel that much pain.

Shock / nick is used to make sure your dog knows where the boundary is. Which will treat them to stay in a boundary set by you.

The nick can be set as low as 1. And it is recommended that while training you keep it to minimal. Because you don’t want to hurt your dog and make them scared. Because you don’t want to shock and scare your dog. Shock is necessary but it’s only going to be triggered only when the dog gets out of the boundary.

The dog will be able to listen to the sound alert and it might hurt a little bit. But slowly raise the nick if needed.

The only hard part about the wireless fence is the training. And without proper training, you can’t teach your dog. And they won’t learn where the border is. When the dog gets nicked they will come back to home. Because no one likes to get nicked. It’s only to teach them. You can even turn it off when your dog completes the training. The dog will not know if the nick is on or not. And that way they’ll never go out of the border.

The wireless fence is mostly used by army trainees. To train their dogs. It’s a nice way to keep your dog safe.
If you have multiple dogs you can buy an extra collar and that’s it. When you turn off the dog fence your dog will still think that it’s on and he won’t cross the boundary.

Wireless Fence Tracking feature

Before we talk about the tracking feature I want to tell you that you can custom shape the boundary as you desire.

The tracking feature is the greatest feature of the wireless dog fence. It is performance accurate and safe for your dog. It means more safe space for your dog to roam around. It continuously tracks your dog so that they can be tracked easily. You can create edge to edge fence. Which allows to fully configure the boundary. The best part about the wireless dog fence is expanded trigger zone which is design to keep your dog safe.

Exclusion zone

Exclusion zone is the feature that comes in handy. Suppose you want to allow your dog to sit near by the pool which is near by the boundary or out of the boundary. You can set the rule so that your dog can go out of the zone but don’t get nicked also. No worries of losing your dog anymore. The fence is invisible so you don’t have to worry about the looks or anything.

Waterproof wireless fencing system

Nowadays there are waterproof fencing systems available in the market so if you live nearby the rainy area or where it rains too much it’s useful for you.

Wireless dog fences or Underground fences

These Wireless dog fences are suitable for small yards. The transmitter sends warning signals to the dog’s collar when he strays beyond the limited radius from the center. this can vary from the residential settings depending on the space. While there is Underground where the wires run through the ground in any of the user’s configurations which is useful for oddly shaped lands. They give a much wider range than the wireless dog fence models.

Unsuitable situation for Wireless Dog Fence

Due to number of external sources as they are exposed to the land, makes the situation worse at times for the wireless fences to react. But in ideal settings they lay on flat area with no elements interfering with the signal. Without any distortion, clean the area of the transmitter and the dog’s collars. Its always good to check that there is no distortion or interference of external sources as it might alter the shape of the boundary.

Common Issues faced
  • Metal objects between the transmitter and the boundary deflect the signal.
  • Metal objects within 5-10’ will cause destruction.
  • EMF signals may jam when metal sidings or metals roofs interfere.
  • Signal breaks in uneven grounds.
  • When cars drive in to the perimeter, disrupt the signal.

When you face this problem, wireless containment systems will not be a good option for you. In that case, Underground dog fence will do, as they don’t get interrupted by any of the external sources.

Important things you should look for before choosing a wireless dog fence for your pet

For consistent boundary with right warning to the dogs to maintain reliable system, the following are unnecessary.

  • For a strong perimeter, battery pack, transmitter and boundary flags are essentials.
  • The quality of the dogs collar is also essential to be noticed.

For the better functioning of the transmitter that sits in the center of the yard transmitting signals across the fixed radius, so check on

  • if the system is easy to install and reliable
  • check for any hindrance in between as it may cause distraction to the transmitted signals by the metallic objects.
  • Its always better to trail the kit to understand its terrain before fitting as few instruction vary from device to device.

For the dog’s collars, there are different invisible electric fence available. But in choosing them, look at its

  • response type
  • check for its response type: Static or Noise type
  • weight and adjustability of the collar.
  • check for specifications depending on the breed of the dog.

Frequently asked questions on Wireless Dog Fences.

there are lot of questions might arrived while buying the wireless or electrical dog fence for the first time as its kind of new technology and it contains a lot of work to get worked. here are few questions that we have covered at the end of the article. you can anytime asks via comment if your query has not been solved here. 

Is there any age limit on dogs for using invisible fences?

This will depend on the breed and size of the dog, but its good to use these invisible fence after it turns above 6 months, so it will be safe and effective. And its also important to check the system’s weight requirement before beginning the training.

How long should the training flags needed to be left up?

These training flags are put high to indicate the dog’s perimeter standing as a visual reminder and guideline. Its advisable to place it for 30plus day for the dog to get ease to it, despite the 2week recommendation from the system side.

Should the dog be on or off the leash for the first time?

It will take time for the dog to adopt for the fence and correction static as its a new experience for them. Using the leash is recommended to guide the dog back to “safe” zone. And later they will get used to it.

Is it humane to train the dog to fit in to one particular surrounding?

When correcting static, it might be a little hurt. But that shouldn’t cause any long time pain or discomfort. The practice and proper knowledge about the electronic device must be there with the pets parents, its required to take additional practice and interest to know about the device before installing. These devices re not to hurt the pets, but to safe guard them. So, it turning wild to the pets are all in the hands of the parents.


In this article we had a brief on the the Wireless fence for the pets in your house in order of care and concerns for their safety. Dogs are actually easy to handle when to treat them with love, but external forces cant be determined. So its always preferable to have your loved one in the safety side.

So this list of wireless fences will help you choose the best for your doggies. These systems listed above have good review on Amazon, so even you could check there. And make sure that you give the best. And before all the training for the dogs are very important. Despite it being a hard task, love and care and importantly appreciation for their acts are more needed as they love that.